Google allows some regulated businesses in Germany, but not all 21/05/2014 - Berlin Escort Modelle

The adult industry is controversial and in a grey legal area as it is, this report will not be about that and we encourage the reader to look beyond that aspect, the main subject being the fact that Mihaela, the owner of the Berlin Escort Modelle business and website can't compete fairly on Google search results for good positions while respecting Google's guidelines for authorship and fair competition.

We are not here to debate the legitimacy of offering these services, nor the ethics of this type of services, but the preferential treatment Google is offering to some businesses in the industry.

In Germany sex work is properly regulated by law and it's legal. There isn't a thing that Mihaela's company or website offers that can be considered illegal in Germany, yet Google - acording to its guidelines - forbids promoting this type of services through its products and services, a policy that Google should normally be entitled to adhere to.

Yet the situation is not as simple. The community volunteers at Google and their staff in charge with Google+ profiles / Google maps / local business listings allow some websites and profiles in this industry "pass" while most get banned for not respecting Google's guidelines regarding the (US) regulated services.

All the Google+ profiles linking to Mihaela's website get banned because they link to her website. But this is not the practice for all the profiles in this industry who link to their own websites, as one can kindly observe when using Google's search engine to find such services in Berlin for example, but only for some.


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